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Long Island Small Business Forum

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We're forming a cadre of Long Island Business Owners to meet and share their experience and solutions to the day to day issues we all face...

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A Unique and Innovative Business Discussion Group

Tired of the standard business networking fare? Tired of networking groups that are about nothing more than lead generation, providing referrals and listening to others self promote?

So are we! So we're forming the Long Island Small Business Solutions Roundtable.

So what is it?

It's local business owners coming together to share best practices, experience and solutions to common business problems.  Our purpose is to inform, to enlighten and share with one another.

It is designed to be interactive and problem solving, and gives small business owners an open forum to discuss specific business issues with community peers.  It is a place for sharing ideas, mentoring and being mentored.  It's a place to grow as a small business owner and to share what you've learned along the way with others.

We're planning to launch in May! So check back soon!

For further information, email us at
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