War Never Changes, But Graphics Do.

I’ve spent a good portion of this last year playing Bethesda’s Fallout 4, and recently decided to take a nostalgic trip back to Fallout 3.

My oh my.

Haha the game is still amazing in itself, but man. The amount of detail and color now present in 4 compared to 3 is astounding! I knew 4 looked great, but going back to 3, it’s breathtaking. No offense to 3, but playing the game there’s basically only one color: grey. Sure its a post-nuclear fallout but wow. Fallout 3 was and still is one of my favorite games, I mean, at the time of its release I thought it was beautiful, but after 8 years and a beautiful sequel, its not what it once was.

Even some of the design differences are crazy! The Mr. Handy’s for example. I didn’t realize there was such a big difference until I saw Andy in Vault 101 and compared him to Codsworth! There are some designs in 3 that I prefer over 4, such as the feral ghouls, but not many. I also prefer the Brotherhood of Steel in this game compared to the semi-douches they became in 4.

While it may not be the game I once revered it to be, it’ll still always be one for the books, and that’s something that’ll never change. Once I’m done reveling in the ruins of the Capital Wasteland, I think I’ll take a trip out west to the Mojave Desert.






Who’s Under The Sheet?!

Since its premiere back in 2014, I have been hooked to Peter Nowalk’s How to Get Away With Murder on ABC! Its first season had me instantly in love, and Season 2 and Season 3 have been no different. In fact, after the first season’s jaw-dropping cliff hanger and its addition to Netflix, I practically forced my mom to watch it with me. Except for the fact that she [still] calls it, Murder, She Wrote, she also immediately fell in love with it.

I won’t lie to you, my fascination with this show has probably become cultish. I ain’t over here taking notes on how to actually get away with murder, or chanting Annalise’s name three times, but I look forward to this show every week and I make sure that my night is free with no distractions. Phone is on do not disturb, lights off, and a glass of wine in my hand. I’m basically wide-eyed and screaming at my TV by the end of each episode.

It kinda surprises me that the show’s ratings have been dropping, quite drastically too, but I understand. The show isn’t for everybody, and it can be somewhat slow at times, but to me it’s worth it. And this season has been no different!

If you watch the show as well, then you know. This season opened with a generally calm episode of bringing everyone up to speed, but its ending was hot, literally! Annalise house was ablaze! But hold on to your glasses of wine TGIT fans because that wasn’t all. An EMT rolled out a gurney with A BODY covered by a white sheet. Of course, we didn’t see who this body belongs to, but Annalise did. Now, she screamed bloody murder — no pun intended — but this show always has its twists and turns so I’m not quite convinced that this shocking discovery was that much of a shock to this killer professor.

Each week since, the end of every episode shares just a tiny bit more detail on what the hells going on, and we learn who ISN’T under the sheet. My first and second guesses went right out the window cause they were proven wrong the next episode after I made my prediction, so I’ve honestly stopped guessing cause HTGAWM is too unpredictable. I would like to think that Annalise was faking her reaction and that whoever is dead isn’t someone important but unfortunately both the actresses that play Bonnie and Laurel (Liza Weil and Karla Souza) have shared that its someone important and that we should be prepared for a loss. ARGH! So, what it’s come down to for me is praying that whoever’s under that sheet isn’t someone I care about!

*Cough* Connor and Michaela *Cough*

Luckily this last episode revealed that Michaela is safe, as well as sharing that the gender of body is male, so Connor isn’t out of danger yet. But there is still hope! I mean, despite Oliver’s ridiculously stupid decision to break up with Connor, they can’t possibly be over…can they? I mean, the show needs Connor! …right?!

So, here’s to continuing to nervously bite my nails with a racing heart for the next three Thursday nights until we find out!

Comment below and tell me who you think is under the sheet!


Just Me, My Words & I

Hey there!

So by some random chance of dumb luck, you’ve managed to find yourself on my blog. If you’re wondering what it’s about, I unfortunately don’t have an exact answer for you. It’s going to be a little bit of this and a little bit of that, honestly whatever comes to my mind whenever I decide to write a new post. I can tell you, however, that theres a good chance it’ll be a lot about science fiction, video games, TV shows, the evils of working retail, world news, and dogs.

Really narrows it down for ya, right?

If you decide to come along for the ride, great! If you get bored within one minute of being on this blog and instantly hit the back tab, I won’t blame you.

I guess we’ll see where this journey goes…